You focus on fun, we'll take care of everything else! 


As an owner of a rental property we're sure you’ve discovered rental management is more work than you expected.  Providing timely, cost efficient services for your guests, and supervising the maintenance of your property, especially if you don’t live locally, is a time consuming task. 

Big Bear's Concierge is full-service concierge business that markets to both homeowners and their guests and is for a select group of homeowners who self manage the rental of their home through services as VRBO, Airbnb, or Home Away.

 So whether it’s getting your house ready for your arrival, assisting you (or your guests) during your stay, or cleaning up after you leave, we’ll be there for you from start to finish.

 We can take care of all of your needs, small or large with as basic as checking in (out) your guests and cleaning up after them - all the way up to offering year-round assistance with all aspects of maintaining your home, complete with monthly home checkups if you’d prefer.

 Your first consultation is always free.  Because each home is as unique as its owner, we will custom tailor a plan to fit your needs based on house requirements as well as special requests. Our clients choose which services they want and there is no minimum requirement.


How we work:


Safer than having a lock box, we will meet your guests for check in, provide a walk through tour of the property explaining all provided services and showing guests how to operate any electronics and log-into Wi-Fi. We will also check that the number of guests equals the number stated in the rental agreement, and that no unapproved pets are brought into the home. Guests will sign a checklist of inventoried items within the home and certify via signature that nothing is broken or not working.

At checkout we will meet the guests (if appropriate) and inspect the property prior to their departure, if anything is broken or missing it will be documented and the guests will sign that they acknowledge their responsibility.

We also offer more in-depth services:

 Before you arrive

    We’ll do your grocery shopping • Bring firewood in • Make dinner reservations • Provide floral arrangements • Food preparation • deliver lift tickets/rentals, concert tickets…


Upon check out our house keeping staff will clean your home, wash and change the linens, and assure sure no food or trash items have been left behind, plus cleanout fireplace and barbecue.  We will check the thermostat, Jacuzzi and set the security system if applicable.   


Based on our first meeting we will create a customized maintenance schedule for your home.  In the event of severe weather, natural disaster or at your request, we will contact one of our licensed and bonded service providers and have them give you bids for any work to be performed.  We can schedule and supervise the repairs or service and not add any additional fees to their invoice. 


To maximize the curb appeal of your property we will maintain the appearance of your landscaping plus plant flowers in the springtime where appropriate- its up to you how much or little you’d like. 


If you have a wood burning fireplace or stove in your home we will have wood delivered, stacked and covered for your guests and keep the woodpile replenished through out the winter season. 


We will provide your guests with contacts for a variety of services including but not limited to: personal chefs, bartenders, babysitting service, massage therapists, lift ticket/rental equipment delivery, etc...


Other Services

    TPHR 24/7 Complaint Response Agent

    Home checkups as often as you wish

    Small repairs to full remodels

    Painting, plumbing, electrical

    Carpet, flooring, cabinetry

    Landscaping, fencing, yard care


    Window washing

    Snow removal

    Authorized checkups after an alarm

    Firewood delivery and stacking

    Free estimates on home upgrades

    Inspection after severe storms

    Dry cleaning drop-off and pickup